Painting - Still Life 



Oil on board
40 cm x 40 cm

Tableaux et Dessins de Nature Morte

Why do paintings and drawings of still life when I am an animal painter? Simply because I wanted to get off the beaten track a bit and to do oil or pencil works that are full of softness and color for the oils and full of contrast for my drawings.

I never liked the words "still life". Nature is never dead but always in perpetual evolution. Everything is transformed and recycled. I prefer, by far, the English terminology "Still Life" which can be translated by "silent life" but not "dead".

I don't like these "still life" where the painters have chosen dull colors and where a certain melancholy shines through in their works. And it is not because these artistic works are not well done, on the contrary. Save, they are very well made. No, it's simply that I prefer joy, happiness and small moments of life, color and light. Frozen moments of course, but where we can imagine the rest of the story.

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