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Jocelyn Russell - Secretariat Monument 2019

Jocelyn is an American artist known for her monumental sculptures. When we met in Saint Petersburg, Florida, she was working on the extraordinary project of the monumental sculpture of the very famous racehorse Secretariat, whose film telling its story was produced by Disney : directed by Randall Wallace with Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Scott Glenn and James Cromwell as main actors in 2010.

Jean-Louis Etienne - Médecin-Explorateur

A doctor specialising in nutrition and sports biology, Jean-Louis ETIENNE has participated in numerous expeditions to the Himalayas, Greenland and Patagonia, as well as in the round-the-world sailing race on Pen Duick VI with Eric Tabarly. In 1986, he was the first man to reach the North Pole alone, pulling his own sled for 63 days.  
I have always had a great admiration for this gentleman whose motto is "Always follow your dreams". He influenced my life choices and it was with great emotion that I met him and exchanged with him.

Fred Ross, Founder of Art Renewal Center

ARC International Salon 2014/2015

Adonna Khare

Amerinan Artist

This artist of great talent draws and stages animals in imaginary worlds.

David J. Wagner

Museum curator, Director of the National Tour of the Society of Animal Artists - USA, author and lecturer

Diane Mason

Sculptor, former President of the Society of Animal Artists - USA.
Diane is a very talented artist.

Pip Mac Garry

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