Laurence Saunois, artist

Laurence Saunois, Artist

Self-taught, my love of art and passion for discovery gave rise to what I am today: an artist.

An artist who wants to constantly evolving, as indeed the world that surrounds and simply try, in her creations, to remember that what is more beautiful and more just. My path is often fraught with doubts, hopes, failures or successes. 

Create brings me much joy but it is nothing compared to the joy of giving happiness and emotions. 

Because art is above all this: to provoke emotions.


Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master

"The artist has dedicated themselves to becoming a realist artist with the wish to express our shared humanity through the visual arts. In addition, an ARC Associate Living Master has shown significant skill in all the building blocks of great art..competence and understanding in all of the basic building blocks of great art, these being for a painter: accurate drawing, compositional sensibilities, effective use of lighting, the technical ability to use modeling, glazing /scumbling, perspective, tone, hue and successful emotional expression."

Mon Parcours

I was born in 1966 near Paris, as far back as I can remember, I have always loved drawing. At the age of 9, I started learning to ride. As soon as I had a pencil in my hand, I would draw horses. As a teenager, I admired painters like Ingres, Géricault........ I often went to the Louvre Museum in Paris to admire 18th and 19th century paintings.
I am completely self-taught. I never learned to draw or took classes. I use all pictorial techniques but I prefer oil painting. I discovered the use of colour and pigments at the age of 28. I painted landscapes and portraits. I liked to create an atmosphere and play with light and shade.
Through each painting made, there is a story, one or more people met. There is also a photographic work since I work mainly according to my pictures. How to succeed in having the right posture, the right attitude, the right look..... most often with patience. The animal is a living being and it is necessary to know how to deal with its mood and character. I like to photograph nature and of course animals for all that it has to offer. With them, we keep learning. All animals are beautiful and I love them all. It's my great passion.

Dans mon jardin, le Jardin de Jammary....

In the countryside, my garden covers 5000 m2. I have only one wish: to welcome as much biodiversity as possible. Every plant and every animal has its place in it. It is home to a very rich fauna and flora. Several dozen species of birds, several hundred butterflies, insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, bats and other creatures, all find shelter and food in my organic garden.
In 2011, my good environmental practices were awarded by the Ministry of the Environment in the Ecophyto competition.
My garden has a particularity: I never water it!
My motto: "I don't want a showcase garden but a living garden"