Original Artworks

The original paintings or drawings of the animal artist, Laurence Saunois

Laurence Saunois offers you original works of art painted in the purest realistic or hyper-realistic pictorial tradition. Each painting requires tens or even hundreds of hours of work. The animal painter always uses the best material to realize her creations: support on high quality linen canvas, aluminum or on panel. His oil paintings are made by a French master colorist.


 Each Artwork is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that the purchased work is an original work and unique.

The certificate gives you:
- The title of the work
- The technique
- Establishment Year
and is signed by the hand of the artist.

 Chaque oeuvre originale est Assurée pour le montant de sa valeur.

Each original work is shipped in a wooden crate to prevent damage.

Each original artwork is insured for the amount of its value. 

If your artwork arrives damaged, it will be entirely REFUNDED to you at the EXPRESS CONDITION of having opened and unpacked the artwork in front of the deliveryman or the letter carrier. Otherwise, your responsibility will be engaged and you will not be able to claim a refund.  (see terms of delivery in the general conditions of sale).

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