Her artistic career

Laurence Saunois is a self-taught artist whose artistic story is atypical, almost novelistic. Whatever path she took, it always seemed to guide her back to her passion for art.  Discover her career 


Her work has been recognized by some of the world's most prestigious international art organizations. She has become a member and received numerous awards. Discover these organizations

Her EXHIBITIONS worldwide

For almost 20 years, she has been exhibiting in many countries, both in galleries and museums.
Her work has been exhibited in France as well as internationally, in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.


A number of her artworks have found their way into permanent museum collections.
Her drawings of great apes were exhibited at the Musée François Pompon, France.

THEY TALK about her work

Her work is appreciated by her many customers and collectors around the world, as well as by personalities from the world of culture.
See what they have to say

Encounters throughout his career

Throughout her career, she has met personalities from the worlds of culture, sport, science and associations.

 Its STUDIO, a place for creativity

It's in her studio, surrounded by nature, that she thinks about her future creations or those in progress. It's a peaceful place that allows her to work out of time. She spends most of her days there.

Her GARDEN, a source of inspiration

Its natural garden is home to a wealth of biodiversity, and is unique in that it is never watered. It won the Ecophyto award from the French Ministry of the Environment and the Société Nationale d'Horticulture. She imagined and created it to suit the light, which is particularly beautiful in the Lot. Discover her garden


The artist is involved with nature conservation associations. For her, it's very important to make a contribution. To this end, she offers some of her works for sale at charity auctions or directly on this site. See associations helped See associations helped

Laurence Saunois is a realistic or even hyper-realistic animal painter. Her oil paintings are studied to emphasize her subjects, a symbol. Often behind each painting, there is a story: an encounter, an observation, a moment of emotion.
If you wish to take home a part of her universe, do not hesitate to contact her. She will be happy to guide you and inform you about any specific order.

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