Nympheus Luminansis Project 

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Hello everyone, today is November 14, 2020. Why did I choose this date to show you, to unveil one of the most ambitious projects of my career? It's because today is the anniversary of Claude Monet's birth.
In 2017, I had the chance to visit his garden and his house and I fell in admiration for what he had created. I simply wanted to pay tribute to him. So I decided, from this visit, to create a whole series of paintings of his water lilies. So, obviously, it has nothing to do with the way Claude Monet painted. The painting you see behind me is the beginning of a series.
I have a huge amount of work to do on it, especially since it's completely different from the approach I had to animal painting. It's a different research but just as exciting and I would like to share this adventure with you.
In any case, I hope that you will find yourself there, that you will always love what I do, that you will always support me as much, because that's really important. It's kind of the essence of what makes an artist move forward. It's about pleasing people who look at his art, it's about provoking emotions, and I hope that, frankly, this project and these paintings will provoke emotions in you. I hope you'll like, comment, share everything I'm going to post about it.
This great adventure is going to be called "Nympheus Luminansis ©, the water lilies of light.
I really thank you for following me, for encouraging me even when I'm not very present on social networks because, indeed, I can't be and on social networks and take care of a project like this. And thank you again for your support which warms my heart and pushes me to go always further.
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