to order a customised Sculpture


You are planning to have a sculpture made of your pet or a wild animal. I am at your disposal to advise you.

Customised Sculpture

I mainly make bronze sculptures (French foundry) only on order.
I study with each customer the best possibilities of realization according to the following criteria:
  • your budget
  • the size of the sculpture
  • the material used (bronze, resin, etc.)
  • the expression of the animal
  • the animal standing or lying down, whole or bust
  • with the realization of a base or not
As you can see, each sculpture desire is unique and my work is CUSTOM made.


You are a company and you want to embellish a facade, an entrance, a frontage, a garden. You work in collaboration with interior architects, decorators. You have particular requests from your customers with specific specifications. I can study all proposals. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Prices : How is the price of a sculpture calculated?

To provide you with a price, I need to know what you want.

Indeed, the price of a sculpture is based on the following elements:
  • The complexity of the subject: An animal can be represented as a bust, or sitting, lying or standing or moving. With a base or not.
  • The dimensions of the sculpture: All dimensions are possible, from the small sculpture to be displayed on a piece of furniture or in a showcase to the life-size sculpture where the animal is represented at its real size.
  • Whether you want a unique or numbered sculpture. For example, a unique piece will be more expensive than a sculpture that is part of a series.

What are the differences in numbering a sculpture?

To better understand the differences in prices related to the numbering, here are some of the differences:

  • A SINGLE PIECE is a sculpture that has been made in a single edition. The mold used for this unique print is destroyed once the bronze sculpture is finished. This uniqueness gives it more value, artistically and financially, because there will be only one copy in the world.
  • An ORIGINAL SCULPTURE in bronze is drawn to 8 copies numbered from 1/8 to 8/8 + 4 additional Artist's proofs numbered from I/IV to IV/IV. That is to say a total of 12 copies. The artist can sell the other copies.
  • A SERIES : a sculpture is considered to be part of a series when the number of sculptures published from the mold is more than 12 copies
  • All my sculptures are : signed Certified Numbered

Once your sculpture project is defined, here is the ordering process

For a sculpture of your pet

Here is what I need to make a custom sculpture of your animal:

  • If you have photographs: You will have to send me as many as possible so that I can have an idea of the volumes of your animal. If you have the possibility to film it, it is a plus because it allows me to discover it in action. If I can meet your pet, it's even better but it is not a necessity.
  • If you don't have photographs and/or videos: I can come to your home to take photographs, videos and also take measurements. According to your geographical distance, I will send you an estimate concerning my travel expenses (mileage, time spent on the shots, accommodation, meals).

For a sculpture of a wild animal

You would like to have a bronze sculpture of a particular animal (felines, raptors, etc....) in a certain posture or attitude. In principle, I have the necessary photo library for the realization of sculptures of wild animals. All I need to know is exactly what you want and I can make a proposal for you.

1. How to order

After having decided on your choice, I will send you an order form in two copies by post or by e-mail.
  • One of the two copies is to be returned to me signed with the mention "good for agreement", accompanied by a deposit of 30% payable by Paypal, bank check, transfer.
  • A second payment of 30% is made when the sculpture is ready to go to the foundry.
  • The balance of 40% is always payable before delivery.

2. Participate in the creative process

Throughout the process of creating the master model sculpture (the sculpture that will serve as the basis for the creation of the bronze sculpture at the foundry), I will send you photographs of the evolution of your work by email.
You will be able to see all the different stages of the creation of your sculpture.
When the sculpture Master model is finished, I send you a photograph and videos for approval. If you are satisfied, the sculpture will be sent to the foundry.

3. Payment

You have the possibility to pay by :
  • Check (for France only)
  • PAYPAL, reliable and secure payment method
  • Credit card (via Paypal)
  • Bank transfer (For foreign countries, the payment is considered as effective after the notification of my bank and the collection time passed)
The payment of a sculpture is always done in 3 times but you can choose to pay in several monthly payments if you wish.

4. Deadlines for realization of the project

The delivery time varies according to the orders in progress.
6 to 8 months approximately

They can vary according to the orders in progress and the availabilities of the foundry. Indeed, the various stages of creation are the following:
  • In the artist's studio : Modeling of the shape, realization of the details of the sculpture
  • At the Foundry : Making a mold in elastomer and plaster, Drawing the wax, Touching up the wax, Making a refractory mold, Casting the bronze, Chiseling, Hot patina of the sculpture (oxidation), Cold patina, Polishing

5. Shipping

The shipment is made by carrier for France and for the international. The transport insurance is free.

All my sculptures are shipped in wooden boxes guaranteeing the transport.

There is no charge for the packaging.

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