customised Sculpture


Define your project
  • I mainly realizes sculptures in bronze or resin to order.
  • I study each customer the best possibliltés of achievement based on the following criteria:
  • its budget
  • the size of the sculpture
  • the material used (bronze, plasticine, resin, etc.)
  • expression of the animal
  • the animal standing or lying, whole or bust
  • with the realization of a base or not
  • You understood, each sculpture is unique  and my work is customised
Sculpture Choice
  • The PRICE of a sculpture is based on the following:
  • The complexity of the subject: An animal can be represented in bust, or sitting, lying or standing or moving. With a base or not
  • the size of the sculpture: All dimensions are possible, small sculpture for display on a table or in a display case at the life-size sculpture where the animal is shown at actual size.
  • If you want a numbered sculpture or a unique piece
  • Indeed, an original bronze sculpture is drawn to 8 copies numbered from 1/8 to 8/8 + 4 additional prints. These 4 additional prints are numbered I / IV IV / IV and are called Artist Proofs. A total of 12 copies. The artist may sell the remaining copies.
  • A unique piece is a sculpture that has been fired at a single copy. The mold used in this single print is destroyed once the bronze sculpture completed. This uniqueness gives it more value, artistically and financially as it does exist in only one copy in the world!
  • And so, to provide a rate, I have to know what you want.
  • All my sculptures are  certified  signed   numbered #/12
What I need for?
  • Your pet:
  • - Quite numerous photographs to get an idea of the volumes of your pet
  • - If I can meet your pet, it is even better but not a necessity.
  • I can travel to you to take photographs, video and take action as well.
  • Depending on your geographical distance, I will send you a quote for travel expenses (mileage costs, time spent for shooting, accommodation, meals).
  • If my motion, you give up me to do sculpture, travel expenses will be your responsibility. If you make me realize the sculpture, movement will be free
  • A wildlife animal
  • Wish you had a bronze sculpture of a particular animal (cats, raptors, etc ....) in a certain position or a certain attitude. In principle, I have photographies for the realization of wildlife sculptures. All I need to know exactly what you want to do you have proposals for implementation.
  • And so, to provide a rate, I have to know what you want.
ordering procedure
  • The payment of a sculpture is made in 3 steps.
  • 1. First, I will send you an order form in duplicate. You will return one to me, signed and accompanied by a deposit of one third of the amount payable by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal.
  • **********
  • Throughout the creation process, I send you by email photographs on the evolution of your work.
  • When the work is finished, I send you a photograph for approval.
  • **********
  • 2. A second payment is made when the sculpture is ready to go to the foundry or resin molding company.
  • 3. The balance is paid just before delivery.
  • For France, payment by cheque, bank transfer, Paypal.
  • For any other country, payment only by Paypal or bank transfer.
How to pay?
  • You have the possibility to pay by:
  • Cheque (for France only)
  • by PAYPAL, a reliable, secure payment method (France and all countries in the world)
  • by credit card (via Paypal)
  • By Bank Transfer (For foreigners, payment is considered effective after notification of my bank and past collection delays).
Required delay
  • The delay varies according to:
  • - of pending orders.
  • Bronze Sculpture: about 6 months
  • They may vary depending on current orders and foundry availability. Indeed, the different stages of creation are as follows:
  • - In the artist's studio: Modelling of the form, Realization of details
  • - At the Foundry: Making an elastomer and plaster mould, Drawing the wax, Retouching the wax, Making a refractory mould, Casting the bronze, Chasing, Hot patina of the sculpture (oxidation), Cold patina, Polishing
  • Resin: about 6 months depending on the complexity and size of the sculpture and the availability of the moulding company.
  • Translated with
  • The shipment is made by carrier for France and international. Transport insurance is free of charge.
  • All my sculptures are shipped in wooden crates, or solid packaging, guaranteeing transport.
  • There are no costs for the production of packaging.
  • For France only, shipping costs are free of charge