A drawing made with the Plume du Peintre is incomparable, To offer yourself or to offer a drawing to the Painter's Feather, it is the insurance of a certain refinement combining delicacy of the line, originality and unique know-how because it will have been carried out with one or more feathers of a mythical bird, the woodcock.

Here are some of the commissioned drawings I have done over the past few years. Portraits of dogs alone or in duet, even in trio and even a rider of the Republican Guard were born on paper thanks to woodcock feathers.
If you too would like to have your drawing done with the painter's pen, please consult the pages concerning the commission process, the reference photograph, the formats, the deadlines, the framing and the shipping costs.
And find, below, the questions concerning the woodcock feathers used and the prices. I remain at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact me.

What are my prices for a woodcock feather drawing?

A drawing with a painter's pen requires time and extreme concentration. It sometimes takes me several tens of hours to realize a few square centimeters. That's why these rates are different from the rates of drawings made in a traditional way with graphite pencil for example. You will find, below, my prices for the creation of a woodcock feather drawing.
- Prices -
20 x 30 cm
30 x 40 cm
50 x 70 cm
Other Sizes
1 Portrait
On request
+ 1 subject 
On request
Entire subject without decor
On request
Entire subject with decor
On request
Vidéo production (shooting, editing, 
CD and personalized cover)
For other subjects or dimensions as mentioned, feel free to CONTACT ME 

Commander en ligne - 20 x 30 cm

Commander en ligne - 30 x 40 cm

- Where do the painter's feathers that I use to make my drawings come from?

- The first way is through donations: I've been making painter's pen drawings for a few years now and sometimes I'm lucky enough to receive an envelope in the mail with nibs from kind donors who have seen my work on the internet. I say donations because I don't buy the painter's feathers. And I make good use of them because I give a second life to these feathers. I can thus make drawings for people who appreciate the technique but who do not have feathers.

- The second way is to use your own feathers: When a customer decides to place a commission, he can send me with the order form the feathers of the painter of the woodcocks taken by his dog or dogs. It is an original way to keep a souvenir of his faithful companion(s) forever: to have the portrait of his dog(s) with the feathers of the hunted woodcocks. In fact, the feathers used to make the drawing are glued either under my signature or in the drawing depending on the composition.

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