Framing and Advice

Which frame for a drawing or a painting?

All combinations are possible. From simple rods to more sophisticated frames, the choice is vast. How do you know if a frame will match a drawing or a painting? There are certain rules to follow. Harmonize the frame with the dominant tones of the artwork or simply recall a small touch of colors is possible. It is also important to balance the width of the frame with the drawing or painting. Your tastes and your interior must also be taken into account.


The framing of a drawing is normally composed as follows:
- A frame with a rod, often quite simple;
- A simple glass (breakable) or an organic glass (plexiglass anti-reflection or not);
- A single or double mat that allows to highlight the drawing and prevent it from touching the glass;
- Then comes the drawing itself,
- Finally a cardboard background without acid
- and of course, the attachment system.


The framing of a painting is composed as follows:
- A single or double frame
- The oil paint
- The system of fixing the painting to the frame
- and finally, the fastening system.
For paintings done on flat panels of two millimeters thick, very smooth, the framing can be done as for a drawing. I regularly do this for some of my paintings with anti-reflective glass.


Would you like me to frame your artwork? It is quite possible. You will have nothing to do but choose, from your home, the frame that you like the most. You will receive your drawing or painting ready to be hung in the place reserved for it in your home. Here is how it works.
  1. Just tell me that you choose this option and that you want me to do the framing. You can tell me at any time, but only after the drawing or painting is finished will I search the Internet for frames that will enhance it. I work with several sites and the frames are made in France.
  2. - I will make several proposals with photomontages of your drawing or framed painting, according to the indications that you will have given me on your interior and your tastes. Each proposal will have its number and its corresponding price. I will detail the shape of the stick and the colors.
  3. - It will be enough for you to choose quietly from your home and to give me the number retained.
  4. - The balance of the payment of the artwork being to be paid when the painting is finished, I will send you by e-mail the amount of the balance + the amount of the payment of the frame for a payment by check or by transfer.
  5. - I will order the frame. I will do the framing and your artwork will be ready to be delivered.


What is an American frame?
We often hear about this type of framing which is used quite a bit by galleries or by artists during exhibitions. The rod is in the shape of an L or double L. This type of framing does not require a bottom and glass.

- What are the advantages of an American frame?
American frames are slightly less expensive than traditional frames.

- How do I use an American frame?
The paint mounted on the frame is placed on the L of the bottom. A masking tape of the same color as the frame, white or black, is needed to mask the edges of the frame that are visible. Screws are used at the back to secure it to the frame. This system is quite simple to implement.

- What are the sizes of American frames?
They come in all sizes and can also be custom made.

- What is the look of an artwork in an American frame?
Sober, simple, often black or white, sometimes with a gold or silver border, it adapts to almost any style. With a modern look, the American frame enhances the artwork without stealing the show.

- Are there American frames for artwork on paper or panels?
There are special rods for framing rigid panels, often in black.



- Put your artwork in direct sunlight.
- Do not hang it too close to a source of intense heat.
- Do not clean it with a commercial stripper.


- Find a place where your artwork will be highlighted.
- Have a frame adapted for its good conservation.
- Clean it with a soft cloth to remove dust easily.

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