Wildlife - La pomme d'Eglantine 

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"La pomme d'Eglantine" - Oil on canvas - 30 cm x 40 cm


"Dare Dare", Quick Analysis of a Work of Art:

Découvrez dans cette vidéo, la genèse de ce tableau représentant un petit hérisson mangeant une pomme.

 "La pomme d'Eglantine" 

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The Animal : The hedgehog

A video to discover the love life of hedgehogs.

Animal Painter and Woman Artist :

Laurence Saunois is a realistic and even hyper-realistic animal artist. Her oil paintings are studied to emphasize her subjects and her symbols. Often behind each painting, there is a story: an encounter, an observation, a moment of emotion.
Do not hesitate to contact her. She will be at your disposal to guide you and inform you about any specific request or order.

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