What is a scrachboard?

La technique du Scratchbord

Explication de la technique du cratchboard - laurence Saunois, artiste

Scratchboard consists of three layers:
- First layer of masonite for the US materiel is about 1 mm thick (or a rigid sheet for English materiel)
- A white clay layer compacted very pure,
- And finally, a black china ink layer very thin.
The scratchbord technique is similar to the technique of engraving. The artist "scratches" the black china ink surface to reveal the white clay that is just below. For this, it uses different tools ranging from simple tip scalpel through the sandpaper.
To avoid mistakes in creating the textures, the artist must first know your material. Indeed, scratchbord technique is a technique that leaves no room for error. The realization of a large scratchbord may need hundreds of hours of work.
The scratchboard is very durable in time. To ensure maximum longevity him, I varnish with a UV resistant spray. the scratcboard can be framed with Marie-Louise and a protection glass. Which again will put more value

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