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     Why these paintings?

There are moments in life you feel something is rocking. Without knowing why, without knowing how. Only a strange sensation.  For me, as for many people, this time came with attacks in Paris and everywhere else
As an artist and in front of so much terror and emotion, I wanted to create an artwork, symbol of hope, joy and happiness. Simply by thinking about what all the religions in the world should be and what all the peoples of our Planet should share : mutual help, fraternity, in one word, Love.
Doves have always been a strong symbol of peace. The idea of making paintings with these birds immediately came to mind. "Universal Love" was born from a whirlwind of black, white and color.

Each Other

 "Each Other" shows two birds that turn their backs, and seem to wonder about their reciprocal intentions. For understanding is born, people must begin to know and understand each other’s.

"In love, We trust"

"In love, We trust" represents a dove that turns its back on viewers. This immaculate bird symbolizes all the religions in the world which should only be peace and love. Its wings embrace all peoples, all races, all life on Earth. 

"Peace and Love"

"Peace and love"

"Peace and Love" evokes Love and Reconciliation showing two doves kissing.

I wanted to create "Universal Love" to provoke a reflection and a positive emotion on the relationship to the other. Art must be a strong vehicle for passing peace messages. "Universal love makes a tribute to all the obscurantism’s victims, whatever they may be, in the world.
And I hope, that in these three paintings, each person can find a part of himself, a part of his personal history because Love is universal.


Town Hall of Figeac

In making available the Palace Balène in Figeac for the realization of photo shoots.


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