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PRICES 2021 : Drawing with woodcock feathers

A drawing made with the Plume du Peintre is incomparable,
To offer yourself or to offer a drawing to the Painter's Feather, it is the insurance of a certain refinement combining delicacy of the line, originality and unique know-how because it will have been carried out with one or more feathers of a mythical bird, the woodcock.

- Possibility to use your own woodcock feathers if you have them -

- Prices -
20 x 30 cm
30 x 40 cm
50 x 70 cm
Other Sizes
1 Portrait
On request
+ 1 subject 
On request
Entire subject without decor
On request
Entire subject with decor
On request
Vidéo production (shooting, editing, 
CD and personalized cover)
For other subjects or dimensions as mentioned, feel free to CONTACT ME 

Ordering Process

1. A simple question of choice

First of all, you have to choose the photograph(s) that you think are the most representative of your faithful companion.

There are certainly photos that seem more representative of your companion: a habit, a posture, a look... It's up to you to let your heart and your emotions speak. Don't stop at a background or an embarrassing detail, in drawing everything can be changed. Only your animal counts.

As far as technique is concerned, only one thing is important: the quality of the photograph. This one must be of good quality and especially present the maximum of details: hairs, colors of the eyes well visible, etc...
I am here to advise you and to choose with you The Photograph, the one which will make of your drawing a Unique Work!

2. Your photographies

You can send me the photograph(s):
  • Either by e-mail to the following address:
  • Or by mail if you only have "paper" photographs. I will then scan them. Once the painting is done, I will return your "paper" photographs with the work.
Once I receive your photos, I examine them and make a first selection of those that seem to me the most appropriate to make a good composition. I can crop them, modify the luminosity or the contrasts. Once this is done, I send you my selection.
You can then choose the one that suits you best. Of course, I will be at your disposal to discuss and answer all your technical questions (for example the size of the drawing).

Drawing sizes without frame

10 cm x 15 cm

20 cm x 30 cm

30 cm x 40 cm

50 cm x 70 cm

60 cm x 90 cm

3. How to order

After you have made your choice on a photograph or on one of the sketches that I have sent you, I will send you an order form in two copies by post or by e-mail.
One of the two copies is to be returned to me signed with the mention "good for agreement", accompanied by a deposit of 30% payable by Paypal, bank check, transfer.
The balance of 70% is payable when the painting is completed.

4. Participate in the creative process

Throughout the process of creation, I send you by mail photographs on the evolution of your work.
You will be able to see all the different stages of the realization of your drawing, from the preparatory drawing to the final work before the installation of the feathers which were used for its realization.
When the work is finished, I send you a photograph for approval.

5. Payment

You have the possibility to pay by :
  • Check (for France only)
  • PAYPAL, reliable and secure payment method
  • Credit card (via Paypal)
  • Bank transfer (For foreign countries, the payment is considered as effective after the notification of my bank and collection time passed)
There is always a deposit and a balance, i.e. a payment in 2 instalments, but you can choose to pay in several instalments if you wish (contact me)

6. Deadlines for realization of the project

The delay varies :
  • according to the orders in progress. I realize the orders in the order of their placing.
  • A drawing with a painter's pen requires time because I only realize a few square centimeters per working day. It is a way of drawing which requires rigor and patience and which does not leave the right to the error.
If you want to offer a drawing made with the woodcock feather for a birthday or other, you must contact me a few months in advance.

7. Shipping

All my paintings are shipped in wooden crates, or solid packaging, thus guaranteeing the transport.

For the middle size drawings, shipping by the post office in Colissimo recommended rate R2.

There is no charge for packaging.


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